Become a Producer

Please follow the steps below to apply to become a producer.


  1. Read through the information found at the Information For Prospective Producers page.
  2. Familiarize yourself with producer standards, expectations, and the conflict and arbitration policy. All available through the Current Producer Resources page.
  3. Join the Coop
  4. Once your membership is processed, you will have access to the New Producer Application Form.

Questions? Please contact

  1. Dear Sir

    I am inquiring about joining to become a producer/member.

    My family has been milking dairy goats for over 20 years and have a farmstead creamery. We make a variety of goat cheeses, (creamey chev, cracker-cut logs, etc) from our herd. Our milkers are on rotational pasture, fed a non-gmo grain and are fed a special forage ration we produce on the farm.

    Any information you can send would be very helpful.

    Thank you
    Pat Lund

  2. Give Gary Huber a call at 515-450-6812. That’s the easiest way to talk through the process. Thanks.

  3. Last Wednesday I purchased Angel Acres hens, building, and equipment. I am feeding the same feed and producing eggs in the same fashion as Mike/Amanda Ramirez (former Angel Acres owner). A list of Angels Acres customers was included in the purchase.

    I assume I will need to pay for my individual producer membership.

    Will I need to be put on the producer waiting list or may Angel Acres continue to provide eggs to the coop?



  4. Cole –

    Might be easiest if you call me to talk (515-450-6812), but the short answer is that you’ll need join the cooperative unless Mike/Amanda are willing to transfer their membership to you. That would actually be the easiest option in term of continuity. The other thing would be the egg handling license, which they won’t be able to transfer (meaning you’ll have to get your own). We can talk about all this when you call.


    Gary Huber