Wonderful Winter Skin Survival

Winter dryness does not have to mean dry skin:   by Stephanie Tang (pictured above), owner of Wonderful Skin Care   With dry, winter weather, we lose a lot of moisture, which can be particularly noticeable in the form of dry skin. Harsh soa ...[more]

The Local Thanksgiving Pledge

We are inviting new members to shop for free and use our handy Thanksgiving shopping list to plan a natural and local feast using items from Iowa farmers and producers. To join the challenge and to exchange your cash for fresh, local food, new buyers ...[more]

Free Trial Memberships!

We are offering free six month trial memberships to give people a chance to try the cooperative shopping model and see if it is a good fit! Simply fill out the membership form, then go shopping. If you continue to purchase after the six month trial p ...[more]

Sweet Corn Feed + Open House

  Join us on Sunday, August 24th at our Franklin space (click for map) to celebrate Iowa summer with an open house, free sweet corn, and local food samples. Invite your friends via the Facebook event page. SEE YOU THERE!