How do I become a Producer for the Iowa Food Coop?

Becoming a producer for The Iowa Food Cooperative is a two step process:

You may complete the Producer Application immediately after completing the Member Registration Form, just be sure to check the box “I am interested in becoming a producer member for The Iowa Food Cooperative.” Which displays below the form field for Business Name.

If you would like to complete your Producer Application at a later time, once we have processed your membership & payment, you may log-in and then complete the Producer Application.

  1. “I am interested in becoming a producer member for The Iowa Food Cooperative.

  2. Nic –

    Thanks for the inquiry. The process is fairly simple – you first join the IFC, which you do on the website by completing the online membership form. The fee is $50, but that is a one-time fee, and it’s redeemable. If you pay online with a credit card, we can approve your membership immediately. Otherwise we wait until we get your check in the mail. Once you’ve become a member, you’ll be able to get access to the member-only part of the site, and there’s a producer registration form (here’s an example) that you’ll need to completed and submit. We review that info and determine if you are eligible (meaning basically that you are from Iowa, you produce what you want to sell, and you have the appropriate licenses for things like eggs or processed products).

    There’s quite a bit more things involved in actually selling product, but that’s the process. If you want to talk (which might be a good idea), call me at 515-450-6812.

    Gary Huber
    General Manager