Meet The Board

The Iowa Food Cooperative is comprised of producer and consumer members. Many of them volunteer their time, including as board members. Our eight-member board is comprised of  four producer members and four consumer members.



2014-2015 Iowa Food Cooperative Board Members (left to right)

  • Carrie Cook (Treasurer)
  • Eli Kalke/Fieldstone Farms
  • Carrie Williams (VP for Consumers)
  • Shanen Ebersole/Ebersole Cattle Co. (VP for Producers)
  • Lisa Bean (President)
  • Sue Ruden/Red Barn Produce
  • Dan Boegher/7 Pines Farm
  • Karin Eshelman (Secretary)


Founding Members

We would also like to recognize our founding members for their support to help with our launch back in 2008.

  • Linda and David Gobberdiel, West Des Moines
  • Carolyn and Andy Ross, Ogden
  • Ken and Jeanne Henrichsen, Winterset
  • Gary and Penny Huber, Maxwell
  • Linda Appelgate, Des Moines
  • The Homestead Living and Learning Center, Pleasant Hill
  • Robb Origer and Rachel Bandy, Des Moines
  • Char Kimball, Johnston
  • LaVon and Craig Griffieon, Ankeny
  • Brian and Julie Donaghy, West Des Moines
  • Angie and Kelly Tagtow, Elkhart
  • Rebecca and David Sidney, Runnells
  • CoryAnne Harrigan and Patricia Calkins, Indianola
  • Julie and Chris Nelson, Johnston
  • Aaron and Nichole Heley Lehman, Polk City
  • Beth Henning, Des Moines
  • Tom and Mary Cory, Elkhart
  • Wheatsfield Cooperative, Ames
  • Brandon and Anne Burnett, Norwalk
  • David Couch and Lori Schirmer, West Des Moines
  • Michael Coyne and Peggy Russell, Des Moines