Cart is Still Open–Here are details

You may have noticed that the cart is open, but looks different that usual.

Here’s why:
Normally, our shopping window extends from Sunday to Monday of the following week (for delivery that Thursday). Produce growers tend to add a lot of items towards the cart’s closing as they can predict what will be ready. We want to give produce growers a chance to share their products with you. When we have to close the cart so soon after opening, growers don’t have an opportunity to predict what will be ready (and therefore be able to know what they are able to list). Therefore, we have decided to leave our produce category open until sales hit $42,000.
We are also leaving the plant categories open since many of our plants only come around in the spring. If this strategy works well, we’ll plan to leave all dry goods open longer next time. 

We realize there is no perfect solution; thank you for bearing with us as we try to balance the needs of all. 

–IFC Team