Summer 2018 Fundraising Update!


A strong local food system is one that can feed us year-round. It’s what we are working towards.

It’s a challenge. Our choice to embrace corn and soybeans as preferred crops for our amazing soils means we’ve lost most our local food infrastructure. Think of small towns with empty storefronts. More plywood than plate glass.

We are trying to change this. Reviving our rural communities is what we seek. Bringing healthy foods to all our communities is what we do. Developing connections between local farmers and urban residents is how we do it.

To help, we’ve asked members to help raise $30,000 to invest in IFC’s infrastructure. These funds are being used to upgrade the software that allows our unique online store to function, as well as remodel and equip our space on Franklin Avenue so we can continue to grow.

We are pleased to report that as of today we’ve raised $25,233 from 91 different IFC members! Means we’ve $4,767 left to reach our goal.

Please consider one final donation to help reach our goal. The funds will allow us to continue to build a local food system that can sustain us.  We have three ways to contribute:

  1. Mail us a check at Iowa Food Cooperative, 4944 Franklin Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50310
  2. purchase a donation using our online shopping cart;
  3. donate using the Paypal button below

Please note: We’ve secured some nice gifts for folks that help reach our goal. If you donate, we’ll enter your name into a drawing for these gifts. And if you have any comments or questions or concerns, please contact us at