New Member Info & Guide

Welcome new members!

Shopping online for groceries can take a little getting used to–but we think you’ll love it!

  • You’ll receive a reminder email every time the cart opens.
  • Log in and click ‘Open a Shopping Basket’, then choose your pick-up location.
  • Next? Shop throughout the week as many products are updated and added daily.
  • You’ll receive a final reminder that the cart is closing, which is your last call to add and edit your cart.
  • Remember–there is no checkout step. Whatever is in your cart when it closes is what you’ve ordered.
  • Print out this handy shopping calendar for your fridge.

Community is an important aspect of the cooperative. Connecting with farmers and other members is an added bonus to our shopping model. Find us on Facebook, join our Facebook group, volunteer to help (reply and we’ll add you to our email list), and find us on Instagram

Thank you, and we are so glad you’re here.

Need help with your first order?


  1. Ann, there is a one time $50 membership fee the first year with a $10 fee each year after

  2. Howard Samuell

    would like to know about trial basic and the next time I can order?

  3. Debra Boekholder

    Hello from Practical Farmers of Iowa! I help out with our events, and was wondering if PFI is a current member of your org? I would like to be able to place orders through you, for the pick up dates at wheatsfield, and was hoping you could help me figure out how PFI can do this?

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