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Welcome new members!


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Need help with your first order?

Carts are closed. How can I view my cart to confirm my order?

After carts close you can no longer see the cart view.
When you log-in at the top you should see a tab for ‘Shopping’.

Where the link was to ‘view your cart’ it now says ‘Carts closed’.
Just below that is a link to “View In-Process Invoice”.

Click that and it will show you all you had in your cart at the time it closed.

How do you make a payment?

You can find out the amount you owe by logging in and clicking the link titled “View in-process Invoice”, but you’ll have to wait to get the total if you bought some variable weight products.
Producers have until midnight two days before distribution to enter the weights. Those weights are needed to figure out the amount owed for that product.

You can pay by check when you pick up your order, or you can pay ahead of time using Dwolla or Paypal. Credit card and EBT payment is accepted at Merle Hay Mall.

I just Ordered. Now what?

You’ve  joined, you’ve ordered, and its Distribution Day, what now?

If you’ve paid with Paypal or Dwolla, you are ready to go!  Otherwise, bring your checkbook, credit/debit card and reusable shopping bags, ’cause we’re keeping it a little greener!

If you are paying with check, please wait to write in the amount on your check until you receive your invoice at the distribution site, as changes sometimes do occur.

When you arrive at the distribution site, someone will give you a copy of your invoice and then you need to get a white crate for gathering your order.  Proceed to the first table and a friendly volunteer will begin getting your dry goods.  Soon you will be passed along to the frozen foods, and then lastly the volunteers will give you any refrigerated items and eggs.

Take your crate to the center table, check your invoice and bag your food, then give your invoice and receipt, check or card to the cashier and you are done!

Do check your order as you are bagging, to make sure we give you everything you’ve ordered.

If you are interested in volunteering, email We would be delighted to have you join us on Distribution day!

Happy Eating!