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Idyllic Paws Veterinary Care


Welcome to a gentle and natural approach to lifelong health care for your dogs and cats. Idyllic Paws is a house call based, small animal practice dedicated to a holistic, individualized approach for each patient. By examining their physical, behavioral, emotional, and environmental history, we can get to the heart of their problem and suggest treatments that will aid your pet’s recovery and promote future health.

We do this by focusing on three main areas: nutrition, avoidance of over-vaccination and toxins, and cure rather than suppression.

• Optimal nutrition. Your pet’s body is the “doctor” and will do everything possible to get and stay healthy when provided with the proper “fuel”.
• Vaccine avoidance minimizes health complications that arise from the overuse of inoculations in dogs and cats. Did you know most vaccines can last a lifetime in dogs and cats, just as they do in people? Flea, tick and heartworm meds are creating superbugs that are becoming resistant to our attempts to kill them. They’re neurotoxic for both the target and the host and yet most vets view them as a way to prevent disease and ill health.
• Cure is not the same as alleviating symptoms, or palliation. It is a return of the body’s chemistry back to the default – normal functioning. My objective is cure, such that no symptoms remain, and no medication is needed. At the end of successful treatment the animal is actually healthier, not just stabilized on meds. My job (indeed any doctor’s job) is to get my patient back to the point where they don’t need me much anymore!

I use nutritional therapy, nutraceuticals, herbal / homeopathic therapies, and behavior/environment-related treatment plans to help healthy dogs and cats stay well and help ill dogs and cats regain their health. There is so much you can do to help your animals that conventional medicine cannot address. Much of what I do is educating and empowering my clients so they can make informed choices and provide the best care for their current animal companions and all the ones they will ever care for. We really can help them live longer and happier lives, and prevent or truly cure problems, rather than just cover them up.

With Idyllic Paws, pet owners just like you are discovering the best way to care for their pets!

Services include:

 Annual checkups & physical examinations
 Holistic wellness plans & therapies
 Diagnosis & treatment of medical problems
 Nutritional consultations
 Responsible vaccination plans & alternatives
 Parasite screening & prevention
 Diagnostic lab work (blood, urine, culture, biopsies, etc.)
 Skin & ear cytology
 Basic wound care & minor surgery
 Post-operative home care
 Home hospice care and pain management
 Humane euthanasia
 Referrals and coordinated care through an extensive medical/surgical veterinary network

Credentials & Experience

  • DVM, Iowa State University; licensed to practice in Iowa

Contact Information:

Dr. Franchesca Zenitsky, DVM



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  1. Why Idyllic Paws is perfect for our cat:

    1) In home visits mean no more crying, stressed-out kitty on the way to the vet!
    2) We strive for wholistic care for the humans in our family—how nice to find it for our pet.
    3) Franchesca shines interacting with our pet, calming any fears, and even vaccinations were tolerated well.
    4) Education for the owners! Franchesca gave us a detailed report on our cat’s health, diet suggestions, education about vaccinations, behavior and more.

    Call us AND our cat “happy”,

    Angela & John Tedesco