What is my password again?

It happens to all of us, we save the e-mail, write it down, come up with some catchy phrase, and then promptly forget our log-in information. Fortunately there is a way you can recover it.

When you attempt to log-in and can’t you should see this screen:

Forgot Password Dialog

Click on the link, “Forgot your Password?

You should see this:

  • This will require the information you entered into the registration form when you signed up.
  • This form will e-mail a new password to you at the e-mail you registered with.
  • It requires 2 of 3 bits of information. First Name + Last Name count as 1 bit.
  • If you no longer have a copy of your registration form, we can re-send it to you

Here is a sample e-mail:

This form AND your registration are CaSe SeNsItIvE. Also spaces are recognized characters, so be careful if your using copy & paste. Let us know if you need your membership registration form or this does not seem to be working not working. membership@iowafood.coop

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