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We’re local. We’re responsible. 85% of what you pay goes directly to our farmers. Order exactly what you want and know how your food was produced (and who produced it). Our members say our prices are fair and the food is fresher, tastier, and healthier. Choose to support producers who use practices you believe in and protect Iowa’s air, water, soil and wildlife. Your membership is free for the first six months. We know you’ll love it. Become a member today.

As a Consumer: Convenient, year-round access to hundreds of food and non-food products directly from Iowa farmers and artisans. Know where your food comes from and the people that produce it. Learn More


As a Producer: Access a new market and add new sources of revenue into your business. Reduce the time and cost of marketing your products to consumers. Learn More

Bulletins, Recipes & Blog Posts

IFC Pick-up is Thursday!

Hi. If you are getting this by email, you’ve placed an order for this week’s distribution. The number of folks ordering this cycle was 254, and sales totaled about $14,750. That’s ab »

Make dinner in 25 minutes: Mexi-Mac

Another recipe from board member + local food wizard, Robin! She says, “Shanen Ebersole asked me to create something that was a quick & easy weeknight kind of dinner using a pound of her new »

From our President

From IFC Board President, Susan Ekstrom: Community I recently represented the IFC at a rally celebrating National Clean Water Day put on by the project Mighty Earth. As I listened to the other speaker »