Healthy for Life University Offers FREE Get Healthy Iowa Expo

Come see the IFC’s Turtle Farm and the Homestead and maybe others at this event!

  • What: “Healthy Iowa” Expo
  • When: January 10 at 5:00 pm
  • Where: Point of Grace Church, 305 NE Dartmoor Drive, in Waukee


Waukee, IA – The first annual “Healthy Iowa” Expo is set for January 10 at 5:00 pm at the Point of Grace Church, 305 NE Dartmoor Drive, in Waukee. The expo is free to the general public and is helping attendees take steps to change the way they look at their health forever. The expo is dedicated to introducing individuals and families to local food producers and suppliers of organic produce, meats and eggs and prepared foods. After the Expo, attendees will come away with ideas and tools that will help them live a healthier, more fulfilling life. Guests will learn from leading researchers in the field of nutrition and health, will meet people with similar interests…. And have a great time doing it.


At this event you can also expect to benefit personally from:

  • Speakers, such as Steve Deace, a nationally syndicated talk radio host, Jake Velie, Food sourcing/lifestyle education expert and Brian Peskin, omega oil expert, will talk about eating whole, natural plant-based foods, sourcing, and omega oil supplements.
  • Healthy Food Preparation: wholefood chefs will show you how to prepare delicious meals.
  • Over 3 dozen exhibitors will offer information on locally grown and organic whole foods, whole food restaurants, healthy cookware, functional fitness experts, natural/holistic family healthcare and more.
  • Networking opportunities to meet your local farmers, growers and producers
  • Sample goods and services from your local providers.
  • Over $2,000 worth of healthy food and service prizes will be given away.

More further information please visit our web or contact Jake Velie, Chief Education Officer,