How It Works & FAQ


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General Info

How will ordering and delivery take place through the cooperative?

The cooperative uses a web-based ordering system. Delivery and distribution occur at one drop site located at Merle Hay Mall. You may also pick up your goods at our satellite sites in West Des Moines, Downtown (Sherman Hill), Ankeny, Ames, and Osceola.

As a consumer, why should I join the coop?

  • Convenient access to a wide variety of healthy, fresh, frozen, and processed food and non-food products grown and/or produced in Iowa.
  • Shop product offerings from multiple producers to compare prices, types, and the production practices used by each producer to find a product that meets your needs.
  • Increased access to foods that meet your personal preferences regarding production practices.
  • Acquire a better knowledge of where your food comes from and establish relationships with the people that produce it.
  • Support Iowa’s rural economy.
  • Support farming practices that embrace social and environmental sustainability.

Who can be a part of the Cooperative?

Farmers, niche market entrepreneurs and consumers may join the cooperative as sellers, buyers or both. All members have equal voting privileges.

What is the membership fee for the Iowa Food Cooperative?

$50 one-time membership fee, with an additional annual $10 fee starting in year two, for use for educational and outreach purposes.

What kind of food and/or products will be sold?

A wide variety of food and non-food items will be offered through the Iowa Food Cooperative. While many products will be offered each order cycle, others may be offered based on availability and seasonality of the product. In all cases, the product was grown or produced in Iowa. See the Producer Standards Page for a complete set of standards for who can sell what products through the IFC


Why join?

  • As a Consumer:
    Convenient, year-round access to hundreds of food and non-food products directly from Iowa farmers and artisans. Know where your food comes from and the people that produce it.
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  • As a Producer:
    Access a new market and add new sources of revenue into your business. Reduce the time and cost of marketing your products to consumers.
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We’re Local, We’re Fresh and Tasty, We’re Responsible

  • All of our products are sold by producers who have grown, made, or raised each item
  • 85% of what you pay for the foods you buy goes straight to our farmer-owners
  • We help protect Iowa’s air, water, soil and wildlife by supporting farming practices that enhance the environment.

We’re Fresh, We’re Tasty

  • “Money stays local.”
  • “Better tasting.”
  • “Good prices.”
  • “Know who produces what you eat.”
  • “Customizable orders.”
  • “Convenient ordering from home.”
  • “Everything you want in one purchase.”


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