IFC’s Statement on Systemic Racism/Current Events

The Iowa Food Cooperative believes Black Lives Matter. The recent turmoil in this country has highlighted that racial prejudice and bias do exist. We are all responsible for righting these wrongs. The plight of migrant workers and meat packing plant workers, many of whom are BIPOC, (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) has been highlighted by COVID. Food deserts and access to healthy food are issues that affect low-income and BIPOC disproportionately.

The Iowa Food Co-op continues to uphold community as a core value by supporting BIPOC, refugee farmers, and encouraging a diverse membership of consumers and producers. The Iowa Food Co-op is committed to creating a marketplace where small food producers of all backgrounds are welcome and necessary. Our mission is to diversify food production and distribution in order to create and support sustainable farming practices benefitting all producers and their local communities. 

At the Iowa Food Co-op, we are extending our efforts to educate and unite our community through the food that sustains us all. Iowa Food Co-op staff and board of directors is reviewing our policies to ensure they are inclusive. We are forming a committee to identify ways we can support and uplift our community.    

We welcome your thoughts and questions. Thank you for your continued support.  

Iowa Food Cooperative Board of Directors and Staff