New Producer Interview: Catching Up With Wimmer Farms

Wimmer Farms (by Denny Wimmer)

Lettuces from the last order cycle.

Lettuces from the last order cycle.

Last month, the IFC welcomed Wimmer Farms as a new producer. For their first order cycle debut, they offered three types of immense but tender lettuces. Based in Arispe, Iowa, Wimmer Farms’ property has been in their family for over 86 years; owners Patty and Denny recently moved back from Chicago to pursue growing produce that promotes healthy lifestyles. A few days ago I caught up with Denny about his farm and involvement with the coop.

What made you exchange your big city living for farming in rural Iowa?

We had an opportunity to get back to the farm and took it. We are excited to work on making the farm an asset to the community and to future generations.


Tell us about a favorite product you offer and how you like to prepare it:

We are in our second year so right now my favorite is tomatoes just because they taste so great, and people seem so excited to see nice tomatoes that are fresh and delicious.

Why did you join the IFC and/or what has been your experience with the IFC so far?

We joined IFC to reach a broader market with our products. We live in a small town (89), and a rural community, and needed to reach more people and this seems like a good avenue to do that. We have only just begun, but so far our experience has been excellent. All the people have been very helpful.

What does a typical day look like during the growing season at Wimmer Farms?

We get up early have a cup of coffee together, discuss our plans for the day and then head out and start working. Many days have ended at dark this spring as we haven’t been able to spread the work out over several days because of all the rain fall.

What is a little-known fact or hidden talent you’d like to share?

Well I don’t know that it’s talent but I do like to paint, I also have done wood sculpture and some brass sculptures. Also, that I still hold a record at the high school for most passes caught in a football season(45) from 1972 , that I held the high jump record for 23 years, and I had the career scoring record in basketball before the three point line and dunking. So now you know I am really old.

Wimmer Farms (by Denny Wimmer)

Wimmer Farms (by Denny Wimmer)

  • Product Types:

  • Vegetables, 30-40 different types. Fruit, watermelon, muskmelon, cantaloupe. Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Lettuce, Spinach, and Salad Greens.

  • Wimmer Farms standards & growing practices:

  • Chemical free and a member of certified naturally grown. In the transition stage of organic certification. Have never used any synthetic products on vegetable crops.

  • What members can look forward to in the next shopping cycle:

  • We hope hope we still have some lettuce for the next cycle, maybe cherry tomatoes, kale and radishes.

  • Wimmer Farms Product Listing

  • Thank you for the interview, Denny!