Seasonal Shopping List – September 13, 2016

With changing seasons come changing tastes in the kitchen–and changing availability of seasonal products.


Tastes of Summer

Personal Pie, Sweet to Eat Bakery and Cake Shop
While pies are typically available year round, there’s nothing like a delicious fruit pie to ring out the end of summer. We’re lusting after the peach raspberry!

Kombucha, Agri-Cultured
Their amazing kombucha is available year round, but warm weather makes the cold drink taste even better! The Iowa Aronia Berry and Grape flavor is particularly tasty.

Watermelon, The Homestead and Jeremiah Conejo Farm
Watermelon season is winding down. Producers have them available in limited quantities.


Stock Up and Store

Don’t forget, you can freeze tomatoes. Learn more here.

Cured onions are just becoming available. Buy them now and store through December at least. Learn more about storing onions here.

Bolder flavors than you’ll find in the grocery store, when properly stored garlic can last for several months. Learn more about storing garlic here.

Apple season will be here and gone before you know it. Buy your favorite varieties now and store or preserve them for later! Learn more about storing apples here.