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SalAmander Farms (from near Bondurant) added red beets (Detroit Dark Red, an old variety with deep red color) and colored beets (mix of red, striped, white and orange). Gardner’s Harvest (from Des Moines) added butterfly sugar cookies, chocolate chunk biscotti, chocolate chip breakfast cookies, amd white bread. 

Pure Native (from Des Moines) added grain-free pumpkin bread made from local pumpkins, eggs, and honey.

Sunrise (from near Woodward) added 2# bags of certified organic Reddale potatoes to go along with their other potatoes, garlic and onions.

The Homestead (from just East of Des Moines) added several Certified Naturally Grown products: Homestead Mix (beautiful custom mix of red and green baby leaf lettuce with a bit of greens), lacinato kale, mini fennel bulbs, red and yellow onions, three varieties of potatoes, and scarlet red turnips (delighfully crisp white-fleshed with bright red skin).

Huber Family Farm (from near Maxwell) added a new variety of sweet potato – O’Henry (white-skinned with a smooth cream-colored flesh that tastes of nuts and honey).

Raccoon Forks Farm (from near Redfield) added canning tomatoes (half bushel boxes) at $15 each.

Angel’s Acres (from near Lacona) added free-range pullet eggs at $1.50/dozen.

Holdeman ABF Poultry (from near Riceville) added 8-piece cut up capons.