IFC Shopping Cart is Open – 964 Products Listed!

Time to go shopping! 

Hi. The cart opened at last night midnight, and it will close at midnight on Sunday, Jan. 27th. Delivery is Thurs., Jan. 31st at our Des Moines locations and Friday, Feb. 1st at our Ames location. See below for updates on new stuff. To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to info@iowafood.coop.

We still have a nice selection fresh produce listed:

  • garlic, lettuce, onions, pea shoots, and two kinds of microgreens from The Homestead
  • lettuce, swiss chard, spinach, arugula, and radishes from The Berry Patch
  • potatoes, parsnips, carrots, and rutabagas from Huber Family Farm
  • five variety of apples (plus cider and a wide selection of baked goods and dried fruits) from Iowa Orchard


It’s time to start thinking gardening. SalAmander Farms wants to know what transplants you’d like. Sondra writes: “I’ll once again be offering a wide selection of heirloom tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, okra and other vegetables, but my seed collection is much larger than my offerings on the IFC website.  If you’re a member of Seed Savers Exchange (if you’re not, you should be) you can see nearly everything I have available (over 120 varieties) in their online yearbook listing (http://www.seedsavers.org/). If you have something you specifically want, contact me at macsond@dwx.com as soon as possible to give me a heads up so I’ll be sure to have plenty on hand.”

Audubon County Family farms is listing whole and half hogs for sale (product #3576). The hogs are born and raised on the Madsen Stock Farm (Vic and Cindy Madsen) following Niman Ranch protocols. They are from older genetics known for their good eating quality. They are raised on straw or cornstalk bedding without antibiotics or animal by-products.

Gardner’s Harvest wants you to know that this is the last cycle she offer her soft pretzels for a while (the are a lot of work). Make sure you put in an order for these tasty treats (which can be frozen if you want to stock up).

Windy Knoll Lambs has two lamb chop products on sale, plus and they have a Curry-Spiced Lemon Marinated Lamb Chop recipe on their producer page (lamb chop recipe).

Wildwood Farms is back this cycle with her amazing array of mixes, granola bars, and roasted nuts. Lorna has two new mixes – Lemon Raspberry Pancake Mix and Banana Walnut Pancake Mix – and she also added two types of Bavarian pretzels. Feed your family good food. They’ll love you for it.

Julie with Zaza’s Pasta wants to let you know about some new products she listed: Wasabi-Soy Fettuccine;Garlic-Sriracha Fettuccine;Asiago & Herb Focaccia;Sun-dried Tomato & Fresh Mozzarella Ravioli; and Spinach-Walnut Pesto Sauce.

Holdeman ABF Poultry is continuing their sale on bone-in split capon breasts and capon party wings, which can be used in Matt’s chicken enchilada soup recipe.

Wedel Grazing Acres added beef sticks from their antibiotic and hormone free herd.

Griffieon Family Farm has their smoked cured dried beef on special for $7 per lb (great for those dill pickle, sour cream wraps and dip, but also good as chipped beef over toast on a cold day). They are also offering you an opportunity to Go Whole Hog!  They have a whole pig for sale (product #3591) that includes all the cuts; chops, steaks, roasts, ribs, bacon, cured ham, ham slices, American and Italian sausage, and ground pork. You even have the option of asking for some fat if you want to render lard.