Let the Shopping Begin! April 19, 2012

The shopping cart is now open!

Shop until midnight on Sat., April 28th, with delivery on Thursday, May 3rd. Choose from over 900 different products from over 40 different producers (see below for updates from producers). Lots and lots of transplants for your home gardening dreams, plus fresh rhubarb. Please check us out!

To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username and password, please send an email to info@iowafood.coop

Product Updates:

Two Rivers Honey: I’m about out of my last year’s honey, and this year’s crop isn’t quite ready. The bees are getting some comb filled, but nothing is really quite full and nothing is capped. Therefore, I’ve removed our honey. Sorry. Hopefully they’ll get some capped soon!

The Berry Patch: We’ve updated by adding strawberry hanging baskets, plus more blueberry plant varieties (Rubel is an older type that is very high in anti-oxidants and flavor). We’ve also added zucchini and swiss chard.

SalAmander Farms: My updates are done: in addition to the herb and heirloom veggie transplants I had already listed, I’ve added a new tomato variety (#2954) and a new eggplant variety (#2955).

The Homestead: We added 4″ pots and 4-packs of a wide variety of Certified Naturally Grown tomato and pepper transplants, and we’ve also got a variety of veggie transplants for sale (and some butternut winter squash that we managed to keep since last fall’s harvest).

Wagner Enterprises: We’ve added a couple of sizes of cheesecake – half and quarter pans. They went over really well at the open house, so we thought we give them a try online.

Producer Updates:

From Mabel Chupp with Country Lighthouse Bakery: We are moving to south of Atlantic, IA, so this will be my last cycle. All I’m listing is our fresh rhubarb. It has been wonderful to be part of the coop. Thanks to everyone.

From Lorna Martin and Wildwood Farms: I have unlisted myself for this cycle.  This spring and summer I will be participating in only the second ordering cycle each month, so I will have more time to spend on my garden, farmer’s markets and with my daughter.

From Pam at Krieger Greenhouses: We have updated our product listing to none available for the next few cycles. The next couple months are our busy season.

From Carrie Meyer at LaVentosa Ranch: We’ll be taking this cycle off because the first farmers market of the season will be on the following Saturday. The first one is always a challenge, so we need to be focused on getting ready.