Time to shop at the Iowa Food Cooperative! July 3, 2012

The shopping cart is open! Summer is here, and so are fresh veggies!

Shop until midnight this coming Sat. (the 7th), with delivery on Thurs., July 12th. Choose from over 750 products from over 40 producers (see below updates). Check out the offerings, buy products directly from local farmers, and help build of a durable local food system in our part of the universe!

To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username and password, please send an email to info@iowafood.coop

Updates #1:

Grinnell Heritage Farm added carrots, potatoes, collard greens, white onions, and grass-fed beef.

Huber Family Farm added Desiree potatoes (pinkish skin with gourmet quality creamy-yellow flesh).

The Berry Patch added┬ázucchini (8-10″ long, .5+ lb each) to go along with their blueberries, green beans, and┬átomatoes.

7 Pines Farm added fresh basil and green onions to go along with their jars of hot & medium salsa and green jalepenos (you got to check these out!)

Early Morning Harvest added lettuce bouquets (an edible bouquet with one red romaine, one green romaine, and one butterhead plant) to go along with their 1/2 lb bags of lettuce mix and milled grain products.

Sunrise added two new garlic varieties – Asian Tempest and Chesnok Red – to go along with their Elephant and German German Xtra-Hardy varieties.

Live Now Rest Later is now offering fresh basil to go along with their swiss chard.

Updates #2:

Reichert’s Dairy Air listed a new goat cheese product – Robiola di mia Nonna┬á(a European-style cheese made in like┬áan Italian robiola from the Piedmont region) to go along with their award-winning feta and chevre cheeses.

Yoke S Ranch added hamburger (the product consists of 10 one lb bags @ $4.50/lb) from their Corriente beef herd.

Phil of Ebert Honey writes:┬á“I added a new product – a 55# bucket of honey with dispensing spout. I had a request for one of these so I put it in.”

Audubon County Family Farms is back with eggs this cycle (we have eggs listed by seven producers).

Pure Native added grain-free blueberry muffins (light and moist, a perfect addition to breakfast) and grain-free rosemary & fig crackers (wonderful, sweet, savory crackers perfect with Frisian Farms Gouda!).

Grandma’s Soap added Lavender and Citrus Blend Liquid Laundry Soap for the summer months for $6.75 per gallon.

Becca of Crooked Gap Farm writes: “We are low on product right now and will be taking this cycle off. Hope to be back next.”

Country Lighthouse Bakery is also taking this cycle off.