IFC Distribution is Today (or Tomorrow in Ames)!

This is being sent to everyone who ordered. Today is distribution at all our sites except Ames, which will be tomorrow. Our alternative pick up is Saturday from 10:30 am to noon at our Franklin Plaza site.

A couple of quick things to note. One is the salted butter ordered from WW Homestead didn’t make it to our space on Franklin yesterday. We are trying to figure out where it may have ended up, but if we can’t find it, we’ll have to “out” that product. Sorry if this affects you.

The other thing to note is we’ll have a selection of new items in our retail center, including yogurt, eggs and winter squash. All are welcome, so bring a friend.

Thanks for your orders. See you later today or Saturday. If for some reason you need to call, use 515.450.6812.