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What is your favorite?

When I joined the Coop last year, all that was available made it difficult to make those first choices.  Whose eggs?  Which bacon?  So I just dived right in and chose producers with pretty names.   Of course, now I realize there really isnt a bad choice to make, they are all good!

But my first choice on my first order was the one that sealed my loyalty to the Coop.  The eggs.  Anna’s jumbo eggs to be exact.  I realized after cooking those first two eggs that I had never really had good eggs before.  Those eggs were so good, they didn’t even need salt and pepper, or toast, or even bacon.  They were so good they had to eaten alone to savor every bite.

Of course, over the last year and a half, I have ordered many items that have become favorites, Griffieon smoked ham hocks, anything from Homestead, (especially the seedlings, only ones to survive this year in my garden!), La Ventosa chicken, Tesdale garlic, Huber carrots, well you get the picture.

So what are your favorites?  Must haves?  What things do you stay up until 1 am, waiting for the shopping cart to open so you can get it before anyone else?