Ames Distribution Now at Wheatsfield Coop!

Iowa Food Coop is excited to announce our Ames pick-up location is now at Wheatsfield Co-op! Starting this Thursday Ames members can pick-up their order from 4:30-5:30 PM.

“Wheatsfield Co-op is a convenient location for our members,” said IFC’s General Manager Gary Huber. “We’re also excited to be affiliated with another great cooperative business that has such a strong presence in Ames.”

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It’s fitting for the Co-ops to come together in October, since it is National Cooperative Business Month. “Since 1930, co-ops across the United States have convened every October to celebrate the cooperative movement’s history and economic impact on communities nationwide,” says the National Cooperative Business Association’s website. “The annual awareness month provides a key opportunity to reflect on the legacy of cooperative impact and celebrate the many ways co-ops are building better businesses, better communities and, ultimately, a better world.”

Thanks to members of both the Iowa Food Coop and Wheatsfield Co-op we are able to provide more fresh, healthy, and local food to families in central Iowa and continue to support farmers growing food sustainably. 

Wheatsfield Co-op has been a part of Ames since 1974, when a group of people with similar desires in food quality and whole food availability banded together to form a buying club. In 2002 they became a part of National Cooperative Grocers, which helped them grow their business and thrive. In 2009 they moved into a larger location at 413 Northwestern Avenue, where they are located today. You can read more about the history of Wheatsfield Co-op at their website.