How to Start Shopping Local TODAY!

Grocery shop the local way, online. It’s like going to the farmers’ market, but from home.


The Iowa Food Cooperative makes it easy to shop for your locally-grown groceries online.

Shop by department: Fill your cart with over 1,500 items that are all made, grown, or raised in Iowa. Start with the basics–eggs, milk, cheese, and locally-milled flour. Grab some coffee or tea, along with freshly-baked bread. Add seasonal, fresh-picked produce, and our year round availability of greens. Try a prepared soup or entree for a quick meal, and get a chicken and some hamburger for the freezer. Don’t forget locally-made ‘health and beauty’ items, like soaps and lotions. Our categories + subcategories allow you to find what you need and discover new items. In addition, you can search for specific items to add to your cart and even search by farmer/producer.

Add to your cart then pick-up: When the cart is open, you’ll receive an email. It stays open for just under a week. Shop often and add items as you think of them. You will receive an email the day before the cart closes. Once it’s closed, your order is placed. Pick up your order on the Thursday or Saturday of that week, at one of our convenient locations. Or, choose home delivery and have your order brought to your door!


To get started, simply complete a membership form–no credit card required. Choose ‘Trial Membership’ under ‘Membership Type’ and enjoy a six month membership, free, on us! If the IFC doesn’t work for you, your membership will simply expire.


Still have questions? Check out this post on how exactly the food cooperative works.