8 local foods to try in 2018

Iowa may not be known as the food trend capital but our local farmers + producers know a thing or two about healthy + delicious food. Here are eight items to try this year–all eight are made, grown, or raised right here in Iowa, quite possibly on a farm near your own neighborhood.

  1. Kombucha, the fermented, probiotic tea with herbs, fruit, and a burst of energy. Made from scratch and packed with nutrition, Agri-Cultured’s ‘World Famous’ kombucha is a local gem.

  2. Artisan-baked breads, focaccia, croissants, brioche, and other baked goods made fresh based on your order. Small-batch, high-quality items from local bakers.

  3. Alternative sweeteners ‘grown’ right here–of course you’ve had honey + maple syrup, but have you had creamed honey? Maple cream + maple sugar? And sorghum syrup? Try each and swear-off so much refined sugar this year.

  4. Pass the goat, lamb, rabbit, and duck eggs. These alternative proteins expand your culinary experience and support the small, diverse offerings of small farms.

  5. Fresh herbs year-round take ordinary dishes to the next level with a bold dose of flavor. Nothing like fresh basil to make a cold, Iowa winter seem sweeter!

  6. Aronia berries, Iowa’s native superfood. Try them frozen (add to a smoothie), in yogurt, freeze-dried, covered in chocolate, or in a syrup. Try the berry with one of the highest antioxidant content recorded!

  7. Heritage + rare breed dairy + meat. Try non-homogenized milk from Jersey cows–higher in protein + flavor. Try poultry from capons, heritage pork, and beef from Corriente, Dexter, Belted Galloway, Maine Anjous, Limousin, and other less common breeds of cattle, each boasting their own flavor + nutritional profile.

  8. Microgreens, the mini salad greens that pack a lot of flavor and a huge punch of nutrition. With up to 40x the nutrients of full-grown counterparts, microgreens are the young sprouts + shoots of common greens.

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