Explorations in Culture and Food at Global Greens Farm

When I arrive at Global Greens Farm I walk up to the barn to find farm manager Zachary Couture washing produce with a group of enthusiastic, joyful women. Two of the women, Anastasia and Katie, discuss some beautiful tongue of fire fresh beans.

“You don’t even have to soak them,” they told me. “Just boil for 15 minutes and they’re ready to eat.”

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I’m immediately intrigued. My love of eating beans is equal to my hatred of soaking them. I never think to do it ahead and always have to use a quick soak method, which doesn’t always yield tasty results. These fresh beans sound easy to prepare and they’re beautiful to look at.

“Everyone eats beans,” says Zac, as we walk around the farm to see what other beans are out there. We find long beans, which hang like a beaded curtain over a doorway. There are also cranberry beans coming on, which I remember eating in my soups all winter.

Of course there are green beans as well, which Simon & Mariselina Bucumi of Simon’s Plant Collaboration are harvesting in preparation for the sale. Mariselina and Simon fled their homeland of Burundi in 1972 for the Congo and then lived in refugee camps in Tanzania. They continue their lifelong experience as farmers in Des Moines.

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Global Greens farmer Beuline Bucumi helps harvest green beans.

Register for the Global Greens Farm Field Day

It’s hard not to go to Global Greens Farm without learning something new or tasting something new and delicious. That’s why Iowa Food Coop members enjoy attending their annual Farm Field Day. Visit the farm and enjoy:

  • Cultural dances from Bhutan
  • Learning a few words and phrases in a new language
  • Trying new foods made by the farmers at our potluck
  • A farm scavenger hunt to learn about some of the more unique vegetables growing out at the farm
  • A raffle to win Global Greens Farmers’ Market coupons!

Event Details
August 4th from 5:30 – 7:30pm
4444 Fuller Rd. West Des Moines, 50265

It’s a potluck meal – bring a dish to share!
LSI will provide drinks, utensils and dinnerware.

Register here for the field day!