Meet the Most Local Pasta on this Side of Sicily


If you can’t live in a little village in Italy, you might as well live in Iowa. We might not have all the perks, but at least locally, handmade pasta is one of them. Meet Julie Parisi of Zaza’s Pasta, who says “I started Zaza’s Pastas because of my eagerness to share really good Italian food with, well, everyone, much like my grandmother used to do!” And that she does, now more so than ever: “I’m really pleased to announce that we’re incorporating local organic flours from Early Morning Harvest in our pastas from this point on!” Early Morning Harvest grows grain on their Panora farm, then mills them into flours, which Julie, of North Liberty, then uses to make her pasta. Just like in the Old World, the variety of flours available depended on the region, and this “Little Italy” scenario in Iowa is not much different. Whether the featured spring flavor, asparagus fettuccine, or the newly available artichoke orecchiette, Zaza’s is keeping the tradition alive and local.

Check out Zaza’s Pasta selection here. Don’t forget biscotti and crostini!