New Location

If you haven’t visited the new location yet,  come see it!  Its bright and shiny and yes, we have a bathroom! (tears of joy were shed by the volunteers!)  We are  just inside the south entrance to Merle Hay Mall near Younkers (there’s a big Kohls sign and a smaller Aeropostale sign above the door.  We are also going to a three week cycle when we are not in the summer two week cycle, which I think is fabulous, here is a link to the calendar, we also have hard copies available, be sure to pick one up the next time you pick up your order.

Details will be coming soon, but in case you missed it, we have an attractive Iowa Food Coop print available for purchase, and it is suitable for framing.  This print is in handset type, printed on an old fashion hand cranked printing press!  Deck the Halls is offering a 30% off coupon on framing and each print is signed and numbered.  This really is an attractive print, Gary will be sending out pictures and more details soon, so keep an eye out.  Why am I so enamored with this print?  Because its the Coop of course!  I remember being so envious of a friend who had an Iowa, P.  Buckley Moss print, but guess what?  I can have my OWN Iowa Food Coop print, which is even more meaningful and dear!

I recently purchased a great product from Rosebud Botanicals, it was #2612,  Organic Anti-Aging Serum.  I don’t know about you, but I have tried just about every anti-aging whatevers on the market, and have either been severly dispappointed in myself for wasting my money and breaking my face out in a rash, or disappointed in the product for lying!  But, I am very pleased with this product!  For me, it does just what it promises, with no rash or disappointment!  And, compared to the other products on the market, this is very reasonably priced.  No I am not a paid spokesperson, nor am I compensated for my testimonial.  I am just a pleased consumer.

This last cycle, one of our regular consumer’s purchased Hedgeapple Farms dryer balls, and she reported they are fantastic!  They really work as expected and will save you money in that you won’t have to purchase dryer sheets!  I love hearing news like this!  Just think of all the chemicals you will NOT be exposing to our lakes, streams and air and your family, when you use the laundry soap and dryer balls from our IFC producers!  Not to mention, supporting our local and family businesses!

One more thing,  Grandma’s Soap, offers a multi-purpose cleaner, and I mean its multi-purpose.  I own a cat, or rather my cat owns me, and cats will always do one thing, puke on your carpet.  I didn’t have any spot cleaner upstairs, so I grabbed my Grandma’s multi -purpose cleaner, and guess what?  It cleaned the stain!  I do have berber carpet, so maybe that helped, or not, I don’t know.  Spot test before using, but, I am still amazed it took care of  the stain, here is another example of a great product that does not add any unneccessary chemicals to your life!  Grandma’s Soap also offers laundry soap, as does Heart of Iowa Soapworks.  So when you start planning your spring cleaning, start out greener and cleaner with these great IFC products!