Producer Profile: DJ’s Farmjoyables

DJ’s Farmjoyables is run by Dottie Johnson and her husband Mark in Milo, Iowa, 30 miles SE of Des Moines. You can shop their products online here. Thanks Dottie for sharing your story with us! 

What is the name of your farm and where are you located?

DJ’s Farmjoyable in Milo, Iowa

Tell us a little about the make-up of your farm.



I’m a beginning farmer. My husband and I moved to our 6 acre parcel of land 4 years ago, and slowly but surely are making a go of it. My husband Mark is the hard labor I need, he builds the structures, etc. I take care of the gardens, animals, harvesting, etc. We have chickens, ducks, miniature horses and donkeys, goats, sheep, a dog and Lots of cats!

What does your farm specialize in?

I specialize in chicken and duck eggs. Our farm is chemical free. For pest control I do use homemade insecticidal soap made with castille soap, and BT solution for tomato hornworms.

Can you tell us a few things that make your signature product(s) special?

I treat all my animals as pets. The chickens and ducks are no exception. Not only are we chemical free, but we are a no kill farm. We keep the animals past their “productive ” years to live out their lives as fully as they can.



What is your farm’s biggest season?

Spring/Summer is when the egg laying is at the highest level. And of course the gardens come in spring and summer as well. I do have a high tunnel that extends the season by a bit, do don’t be surprised if you see produce from me in October and into November!


What is the most important thing for consumers to know about your products?

I don’t use conventional chemicals. Compost for fertilizing, organic feed for poultry, insecticidal soap for pest control.

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