Producer Profile: Rosebud Botanicals


Rosebud Botanicals is all about natural health + beauty.  You can shop their products online here. Thanks Mindy for sharing your story with us! 

What is the name of your farm and where are you located?

Rosebud Botanicals, LLC, located in Afton, Iowa.

Tell us a little about the make-up of your farm.

Rosebud Botanicals, LLC was established in 2009 by Mindy Skarda, Biology instructor at Southwestern Community College. The vision for this company is to provide handcrafted skin care products that utilize the power of plants to care for the skin. Ingredients are carefully chosen for their beneficial properties to the health of your skin. Organically grown and locally grown are other criteria that is considered in choosing the ingredients used in Rosebud Botanicals, LLC skin care products.


What does your farm specialize in?

Organic Skin Care Products

Can you tell us a few things that make your signature product(s) special?

The skin is very absorbent. Most things applied to your skin have direct access to the blood stream. To carve out a more healthy way of living with less toxins consider Rosebud Botanicals’ handcrafted skin care products. Over-the-counter products, even some of the products labeled ‘Organic’, contain toxins such as SLS, parabens, phosphates and many other chemicals that are harmful to human and environmental health. Rosebud Botanicals avoid such toxic substances



What is the most important thing for consumers to know about your products?

A new product line includes aronia berries grown in Carlisle, Iowa. Aronia berries contain the most amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants bind up free radicals that do damage to your cellular components including the genetic code (DNA) and mitochondria – energy producing organelle. Applying skin care products with aronia berries is like applying an invisible force field of protection against environmental hazards.



Shop their products online here!