Producer Updates: Huber Family Carrots, Dogpatch Wins, Sales



Dogpatch Urban Gardens won the Partner of the Year award at the Urban Ambassadors FriendRaiser.The award is presented to a business, organization, or government that showed strong support for community-driven sustainability projects.

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Yoke S Ranch has stew meat on sale for $6 a pound. Order here.

Lucky George Farm has a big sale on their lard this cycle. It’s 50% their quarts, which are normally $24. Learn more about their lard and how to cook with it here.

Not Listing

Huber Family Farm will not be selling their beloved carrots this fall. They’ve sold their farm to another producer, Wilted Leaf Farm. They encourage us all to use this opportunity to support other producers and sell out their carrots! We are actively encouraging more producers to list carrots, but right now they are available in limited amounts here.

Zaza’s Pastas is not listing this cycle because their building in Cedar Rapids has been evacuated due to flooding. She is not sure when they will be able to list again. Please keep all of our eastern Iowa producers and friends in your thoughts as they experience intense rainfall.