IFC Welcomes Corazon Coffee Roasters!

We are excited to introduce a new producer member, Corazon Coffee Roasters! Scott at Corazon has emailed us with a bit of background about his new business and we would like to share his story with you.

Scott and Laura are the owners and operators of Corazon Coffee. The couple began roasting coffee only a few short months ago, but their story goes all the way back to 1993, when they first met. Scott says they had their first date during the flood of ’93, when Scott was working in the wine industry. Together they traveled the world and developed their knowledge of fine wine, and food pairings from all over the globe. Of course, they sampled coffee from foreign places throughout their travels, and it became a passion of theirs as well.

Scott and Laura’s interest in coffee blossomed out of their knowledge of wine, and when they decided to go into the coffee industry they realized the two beverages had many things in common. Coffee, just like wine, gains its rich flavors from many variables along the growth and production process. Scott plans to offer “cupping” classes where he’ll explain how the coffee gains flavor from every step along the way, from where it was planted and grown, to how it was roasted and brewed. He believes these factors affect the flavor of coffee, just the same as they do the flavor of a fine wine.

Corazon’s dedication to excellence in coffee doesn’t just include the rich flavor of their coffee beans. Scott and Laura believe an excellent cup of coffee should come with a promise of responsibility, too. They are a “green operation,” and use only certified organic beans. They also strive to maintain social responsibility by acquiring a majority of fairly traded coffee beans. The “Coffee with a Heart” motto extends to personal relationships with their growers, and their long term goal is to travel to the farms where the beans are grown and build a relationship with the people who grow their coffee.

It’s really great to have Scott and Laura as new producer members of the IFC, and we hope you will enjoy the delicious coffee they have to offer!