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Wildwood Farms (from near Wellsburg) added frozen lasagna made with locally grown tomatoes and onions (9×13 pan, 9-12 servings each). This is a new product for Lorna, so she only has 8 available (grab them while they last!). 

Audubon County Family Farms added raw honey in one pound and two pound glass jars, plus 12 oz. plastic honey bears. They also added hand made beeswax candles in 8” and 12” tapers (two per pkg) and individual 6” and 9” pillars.

Sunrise (from near Woodward) added 2# bags of certified organic German Butterball and 2# bags of certified organic Yukon Gem potatoes.

Chris’ Custom Bakery (from Ankeny) updated her sugar cookies (product 2065) to fall shapes (maple or oak leaf, plus acorn, pumpkin, and apple).

Yoke S Ranch (from near Russell) added 4 new products from their Corriente beef herd – brisket, heart, liver and tongue – to go along with their selection of traditional cuts.

Heart of Iowa Soapworks added laundry soap bars for making your own laundry soap at home using Borax & washing soda. A natural product without any added petroleum products, it comes in a 1# bulk package along with a recipe for making laundry soap.

Cory Family Farm (from near Elkhart) added goat cubed meat (great for stew or kabobs) and goat sirloin chop.

Anna’s Place (from near Grimes) listed pullet eggs, which are from young hens just starting to lay. These first eggs from new hens have excellent flavor.

Huber Family Farm (from near Maxwell) added fall carrots to go along with their potatoes and sweet potatoes.

7 Pines Farm (from near Maxwell) listed certified organic cherry tomatoes, plus sundried tomatoes (sprinkled with an Italian blend of seasonings, they will add a burst of flavor to a variety of recipes).

Grinnell Heritage Farm added certified organic cipollini onion and arugula.