IFC Distribution this Week – Snowstorm Options

Hello. The weather forecast isn’t looking good for what we’ll be facing come Thursday, so we need to give you a heads up on current plans. 

We are working with our producers to get their products delivered today (Tuesday) and tomorrow.

As for picking up, we are considering delaying the time until Friday and/or Saturday. It all depends on what what happens come Thursday.

If we get to a point where the forecasters are confident with what’s going to happen on Thursday, we’ll make a choice on what to do and let you know.  We’d don’t want to postpone, but if it looks unsafe to drive, we will.

If we do postpone, people who specified West Des Moines and Ankeny as their pick-up sites may need to come to Merle Hay Mall, and we’ll work with folks picking up in Ames on an alternative time they can get their products at the regular drop off site there.

Please note: Also, we’ll work with you to figure out ways we can get you your orders if the options we choose don’t work. 

Look for another email either late on Wednesday or first thing Thursday morning with our choices.