Products Added; Meet Lisa Bean, IFC Distribution Coordinator

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Product Updates:

The Iowa Food Cooperative added 16×20 limited-edition signed and numbered prints (product #3020) that were created as a fundraiser by IFC member Rick Vonholdt. Because of the age of the materials and press used by Rick, each print is unique.

Twin Girls Garden is back with this message: Both rhubarb and dandelions are in season, so we are making our Rhubarb Butter and Dandelion Jelly. Both are an excellent tasting of all spring in Iowa has to offer. We also are listing our Jalapeno Jam, Chocolate Cherry Jelly, and Chocolate Raspberry Jelly.

Valley View Poultry has started to process chickens again; they’ve listed boneless skinless breasts, leg quarters, thighs, and wings.

Iowa Heritage Foods got their egg handlers license, so they’ve added eggs as well for the first time ever.

Foxhollow Farm added eggs in recycled plastic cartons.

Meet Lisa Bean:

Lisa Bean has stepped forward to volunteer to serve as our Distribution Coordinator.  This job is crucial because nearly 2,000 products are delivered on a typical distribution day. Making sure they are handle appropriately and get to the people who ordered them are big tasks.

Recruiting plenty of volunteer help is another big part of the job (and we are always looking for more people willing to help; just send an email to to sign up).

Lisa joined the IFC in early 2010. She’s been a regular distribution volunteer, so she knows about the work involved in our distribution activities.  She grew up in Manhattan, went to Duke for her undergraduate degree (botany and education), and taught high school for five years in West Virginia. She got a master’s in horticulture from West Virginia University before coming to Iowa with her family. She is married with four children and lives on an acreage west of Waukee.

Lisa cares deeply about the environment and small farmers, which are key motivations behind her involvement in the IFC. She’s also a joy to be around. Please welcome her aboard –