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From Basil to Zucchini! 1,580 Different Products Listed


It’s really feeling like summer with fresh basil, new potatoes, snap peas, broccoli, and zucchini listed! Check back often as our veggie farmers will update inventories throughout the week. To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to The online cart will close Sunday, June 14 at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., June 18 at all our sites except Ames, which is Friday, June 19. Our alternative distribution at our Franklin Plaza site is 10:30 to noon on Saturday, June 20. 

Home Delivery!

We’re closing our downtown drop off site (sorry) but are trying something new – home delivery in the DM metro area. We’ve set up three home delivery products: 1) within two miles of our Franklin Plaza site (priced at $5); 2) from two to four miles (priced at $10) and 3) more than four miles (priced at $15). They are listed under the Iowa Food Cooperative. Deliveries will be from 6-9 pm on distribution Thursdays. NOTE: If you want home delivery you need to 1) choose “Franklin Plaza (Delivery)” as your Pickup/Delivery location when you open your shopping basket and 2) put the appropriate product in your shopping cart. Here’s a link to a map to help know which product to purchase.  

Last thing: Our 2015 calendar is available in a PDF (click to view) and you can click here to see new products added since last cycle! Below are some additional updates on new stuff.


New items + specials:

Kiowa House of Herbs (Searsboro) listed some new products, including pancake syrups in six different flavors (Strawberry, Red Raspberry, Bluebery, Aronia Berry, and Peach) and a new jelly flavor: Aronia Berry Jelly. 

Wilted Leaf Farm (Cambridge) has listed three kinds of kale, swiss chard, baby leaf lettuce mix, and Hakurei white turnips

We added inventory Hansen Dairy (Hudson) heavy cream. It’s listed under Iowa Food Cooperative products (we are buying and reselling this cream because none is currently available from our IFC producers).

Popsie Fish Co. (Homer, AK) listed Smoked Sockeye Salmon,which is alder wood smoked and ready to be served.

Lee’s Greens (Nevada) has a summer favorite – zucchini – for sale along with their other fresh produce and plants.

Timber Ridge Cattle Co. (Osceola) has a new product – ham loaf from their Swabian Hall/Large Black cross pigs (made from equal parts ground pork and ground ham).

Global Greens: The Eating Well Farm (Des Moines) has a new farm name! Bizimana Charles is in his second year of selling through IFC via Global Greens (a refugee farming program of Lutheran Services of Iowa). Check out his huge vegetable selection from beets (three kinds!) to carrots to cabbage to new potatoes. Congrats to Bizimana on naming his farm!

Global Greens: Sky Heart Farm (Des Moines) listed Genovese Basil (perfect for making pesto) along with a wide variety of other fresh produce items.

Global Greens: Congera Alex & Chantal Marie (Des Moines) added green cabbage, red spring onions, and new potatoes.

Global Greens: Namaste Gardens (Des Moines) added an interesting variety of kohlrabi called ‘Azur Star’ along with radishes, head lettuce, and other greens.

Global Greens: Jipatie Afya (Des Moines) is offering a gorgeous selection of colorful lettuce varieties and mixed greens.

Yoke S Ranch (Russell) has a new product (beef skirt steak from their Corriente beef herd) and their beef summer sausage is on sale for $9/lb.

New Family Farm (Elkhart) recently had a wedding at their farm—Congrats to Amanda + Tony! Check out their mix of items, including all-time favorite this time of year: snap peas.

7 Pines Farm (Maxwell) added three kinds of certified organic kale to go along with their wide selection of good food.