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The online shopping cart is open. To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to The online cart will close Sunday, Sept. 6 at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., Sept. 10 at all our sites except Ames, which is on Friday, Sept. 11.

Below are updates from our producers. As we move through the growing season, producers continue to add new items throughout the week, so be sure to check back often. You can click here to see new products added since last cycle!

NOTE: We have home delivery in the Des Moines area. Three home delivery products (based on your distance from our Franklin Avenue location) are listed under Iowa Food Cooperative products. Deliveries are from 6-9 pm on distribution Thursdays. If you want home delivery, choose “Franklin Plaza (Delivery)” as your Pickup/Delivery location when you open your shopping basket and put the appropriate product in your shopping cart. Here’s a map to help know which product to purchase.

Also, our 2015 calendar is available in a PDF (click to view).


The Pet Bistro (Des Moines) is a new IFC producer selling natural, minimally-processed pet foods made from locally-sourced ingredients. They’ve started with a dog treat that has oat flour and oat meal from Early Morning Harvest, peanut butter from Butter Me Up!, and sorghum molasses from Maasdam Sorghum Mills.

Jeremiah Coñejo Farm (Des Moines) came on board in July. Their 80-acre south-central Iowa farm has been in the family for close to 100 years. New this cycle are Waltham butternut squash (an heirloom variety) and Table Queen acorn squash.

Autumn’s Garden (Des Moines) is another new IFC producer who also came on board in July. This cycle they’ve added acorn squash and two eggplant products to go along with their tomatoes, peppers, okra, and basil.

Berry Patch Farm (Nevada) added Honeycrisp apples, which Dean says is “everybody’s favorite; keep in your fridge and they’ll last for months and still be crisp (if you can wait that long)”.

SalAmander Farms (Bondurant) added four kinds of onions, hot peppers, and a heirloom tomato product.

From Ryan with Wild Rose Pastures (Van Meter): “We have updated our products with a restock of beef and the addition of hot dogs, beef sticks, and summer sausage.”

Wilted Leaf Farm (Cambridge) added Kennebec and “Magic Molly” blue potatoes – blue skin, blue flesh with (Jason says) an awesome taste. 

From Melanie with Country Roads Produce (Moravia): “We listed snack peppers, onions, jalapenos, red and yellow tomatoes. We are uncertain of how things may ripen, so our inventory numbers are lower, but we’ll add more as we see how things grow.”

Harvest Moon Farms (Saint Charles) added beets and carrots to go along with their aronia berries and aronia berry products

From LaVon with Griffieon Family Farm (Ankeny): “We added pasture-raised (but supplemented with non-GMO feed) antibiotic-free chicken in packages of thighs, drumsticks, backs, wings, and bone-in and boneless breasts. This is a trial run to see if we can sell all the parts (and not just the breasts).”

Our Global Greens growers (refugee farmers from around the world) continue to add new products. Bucumi Simon added butternut and acorn squash, Ta Kaw Paw added prisma shallots, and Eating Well Farm added Desiree potatoes.

Wilted Leaf Farm (Cambridge) added certified organic Midnight Sun potatoes.

Yoke S Ranch (Russell) has their ground beef patties on sale for $6.00/lb (just in time for all of those tailgate parties this fall.