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Our next distribution is the Thursday before Mother’s Day, so pick from a wide set of nice options for your Mother’s Day gift—this year, choose something local! And fresh greens are coming in, along with several new and recently added items (from mushrooms to goat’s milk butter!)

NOTE: Our downtown volunteers aren’t available this cycle, so that pick-up site is not an option (sorry). Our Frankin Plaza site is just a few minutes away, and we have a Saturday pick-up option (if you don’t want to be out in traffic during the late afternoon/early evening). If you want to pick up Saturday, let us know with an email to

Also, we are starting two week cycles now that we are in the growing season. Our 2015 calendar is available in a PDF (click to view), and you can click here to see new products added since last cycle!

Note: The online shopping cart is open (to shop go to and log in: if you need help with your username or password, send an email to It will close Sunday, May 3rd at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., May 7th at all our sites except Ames, which is on Friday May 8th. 

Plant Sale Saturday, May 9th from 10a-2p. at Franklin

Our annual plant sale will be held at our Franklin space this year (rain or shine). Browse plants + other items from over a dozen of our producers; ask gardening questions and meet your farmers!


New items + specials:

Mushroom Mills (Columbus Junction) is a new IFC producer that came on board toward the end of last cycle. They’ve listed limited quantities of their oyster + lion’s mane mushrooms, so order now because they go fast!

Wildwood Farms (Wellsburg) is back this cycle (they sell every other cycle) with their amazing selection of baking and soup mixes, roasted nuts, granola bars, and trail mixes.

Broadhorn Farm (West Des Moines) updated inventories and re-listed tri-tip steak; don’t forget to pick up one of their grilling bundles to have on-hand for the nice weather.

From Jocelyn of Pickle Creek Herbal (Brighton): “We’ve lots more seedlings this cycle, including cilantro, dill, sorrel, spicy oregano, lemon verbena, mint, laveder, and basil (including the container-friendly Genovese compact and beautiful Corsican basils). We’ve also added new cherry and beefsteak tomato varieties (including blue tomatoes like Blue Beauty and Goldberries). And if you’re into hot peppers, we have a wide selection including Ghost and Trinidad Scorpion (two of the hottest peppers in the world).”

From Lee’s Greens (Nevada): “This cycle we have some really nice red and black raspberry plants, rhubarb plants, herbs, 3-packs of eggplant.  We have 3-packs, 4.5″, and gallon pots of a nice selection of tomato varieties. We have a nice mix of micro greens and some red veined sorrel plants in pots, plus wheat grass for juicing and wheat, rye, and oat flats available for animals.”

Popsie Fish Co. (Homer, AK) has marked down their salmon–$1 off/pound. Stock up for grilled salmon season!

7 Pines Farm (Maxwell) listed a wonderful selection of flower transplants (from daisies to ornamental millet) and a nice variety of Certified Organic pepper + tomato seedlings.

Lucky George Farm (Derby) added a variety of new products from their Large Black heritage hog herd (including delicacies like Jowl Bacon).

Farm Baby Foods (Des Moines) added three new flavors to their portable pouch fruit and vegetable purees; reusable pouches + simple ingredients make these perfect for all ages, and a terrific base for smoothies.

Yellow River Dairy (Monona) added goat cream butter to their huge selection of cheese dips + chevre.

Great River Maple (Garnavillo) introduced a smaller size of their famous maple cream, made from whipped maple syrup.

Beaver Creek Collections (Guthrie Center) is back with a fantastic selection of transplants as well as high-tunnel grown produce, from lettuce to radishes to green onions. Welcome back!

Yoke S Ranch (Russell) added a new product: chuck roast, a 2-3lb roast from their Corriente herd.

Calanne of Purrfect Muttchies (Truro) writes: “We are excited that our pet treats no longer need to be refrigerated!  We now use dehydration to prevent molding and preserve freshness. There is around a 2 oz difference in weight when the moisture is removed, so the 7 oz packages contain more crunchy treats (crunchiness has been a request).  We’ve also added a sugar free banana vanilla wafer (Naner Nilla Woofers!).”

New Family Farm (Elkhart) listed many more transplants (including flowers like zinnia and marigold) along with fresh spinach.

Salamander Farms (Bondurant) added warm-weather heirloom transplants, from cauliflower to melon to zucchini.