IFC Shopping Cart is Open

Time to Shop!


The shopping cart opened last night at midnight. It’ll close at midnight on Sunday, Sept. 15. Delivery is Thurs., Sept 19 at our Des Moines area locations and Friday, Sept. 20 at our Ames location. Note that if you have a conflict with this schedule, our alternative pick up time from 10:30 am to noon on Sat., Sept 21.

See below for updates on new stuff, including a new producer. To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to info@iowafood.coop.

Angel Acres, an IFC egg producer since October 2011, sold the enterprise (chickens, equipment, feed, etc.) to Cole Gruis, a 16-year-old FFA student from a small farm north of Indianola. Cole has listed eggs for the first time this cycle. Welcome aboard, Cole! 

Zaza’s Pasta is taking this cycle off (Julie’s getting married – congratulations!).

Maxwell Farms added Purple Peruvian and La Ratte fingerling potatoes, yellow tomatoes, and Minnesota midget melons.

Huber Family Farm added German Butterball and La Ratte fingerling potatoes as well as Beauregard and O’Henry sweet potatoes. They may be listing carrots later this cycle.

Wildwood Farms is back this cycle with several new products – Walnut Blondie Mix (a white chocolate version of their tasty brownie mixes), two sizes of Toffee Almonds (almonds roasted with a rich buttery coating, and two kinds of Trail Mix (peach crisp and freeze-dried).

Wild Rose Pastures added several new grass-fed beef items, including Porterhouse Steak, Chuck Roast, and Rolled Rump Roast.

From Jocelyn (the Pickle Creek Girl): “We’re nearing the end of our garlic – not much left now. We’ve also reached the end of our herb seedlings for this year, but we’ve started listing organic fresh herbs – Genevese Basil and Lemon Basil to start.”

Berry Patch Farm added 10 lb bags of Honey Crisp apples.

Red Barn Produce added fresh garden sage leaves, Overhome Farm added assorted hot peppers, Chef Connie’s Urban Farms added Hungarian peppers, and Sunny Gardens added swiss chard and Lacinato kale.

Broadhorn Farm has two beef products from its Belted Galloway herd on sale: Short Ribs @ $5/lb (regularly $5.65) and Ribeyes @ $14/lb (regularly $16).

Corazon Coffee Roasters has started using a bean from the 2013 harvest of Ethiopian Sidamo (grown by the Oromia Coffee Farmers Coop) that received a cupping score of “90” out of 100 possible points. Check it out – product #3276.

Yoke S Ranch has three products from its Corriente beef herd on sale: sirloin roast at $6 per pound (regularly $6.60), beef patties at $5/lb (regularly $5.50), and beef jerky at $15/lb (regularly $17.50).