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Ali Family Farm is a new producer with an urban farm near Drake University. Operated by a family that arrived 8 years ago as refugees from Sudan, they’ve listed watermelon, cucumbers, okra, green peppers, and purslane, plus two kinds of potatoes and four kinds of tomatoes.  

Mabel Chupp with Country Lighthouse Bakery writes: “Please let everyone know that our house sold, so this will be our last cycle as we are moving south of Atlantic, Iowa.” We are sorry to see them go. This is your last chance to buy their products, including their signature Cappuccino Chip Muffins. Time to stock up your freezer!!

SalAmander Farms from near Bondurant added lamb ribs to go along with their other lamb products, plus curled parsley, thyme, okra,  sweet and hot peppers, and sunflower heads.

Cory Family Farm from near Elkhart added several cuts of lamb and goat for this cycle.

Audubon County Family Farm added brown pullet eggs (some smalls, but mostly medium sized). They may be added more eggs to their inventory on Sunday, so check back then if they are sold out.

Huber Family Farm added two kinds of sweet potatoes: Vardaman and Beauregard.

Scott from Hedgeapple Farm writes: “We have lamb in stock again. We’ve also added grass-fed ground beef and grass-fed ground beef patties.”

The Berry Patch added green beans to go along with their chive and plain parsley plants, eggplant, sweet and hot peppers, and Yukon Gold potatoes.

Pure Native added grain-free chocolate chip cookies and re-listed grain-free chocolate zucchini muffins.

Griffieon Family Farm is offering several products at sale prices: heel roasts ($3.60/lb), rolled rump roasts ($4.50/lb), round steak ($4.60/lb), minute steak ($4.25/lb), lamb neck chops ($7.00/lb), cured hams ($4.40/lb), and ham slices ($4.20/lb). They also have a new product – organ meats for pets at $1.75lb.