Products Added; Meet Loulou Dickey, IFC Marketing Intern

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Product Updates:

Ebersole Cattle Company (from near Mount Ayr in Ringgold┬áCounty)┬ásent this note: “We just listed lots of extra Pastured Beef Cuts!! Thank you all for supporting us during this trying time @ the ranch.”

Note: On┬áSunday, Aug. 19 the Ebersole’s house┬áburned to the ground. They and their three children were uninjured, but they lost everything. The IFC responded by┬ácollecting a wide range of foods from our┬áproducers, which were delivered to the Ebersoles along with a refrigerator (

The Homestead added Certified Naturally Grown Arugula.

Hedgeapple Farm added Grass-Fed Beef Stew Meat.

Crooked Gap Farm added more inventory to some items that had been sold out, and they also added Butterfly Pork Chops.

Huber Family Farm added more inventory to their sold out sweet potatoes, and they also added Baby Bolero Carrots.

Meet Loulou Dickey:

Loulou Dickey is the Iowa Food Cooperative’s new marketing intern. She came to us unexpectedly, but her arrival has given our marketing plans some new energy.

From Loulou’s email asking about the possibilty of an internship: “My interest in local and sustainable food sourcing began while I was attending the University of Iowa. I started there as a Biology major, but eventually ended up majoring in Geography with an emphasis on Sustainability. I did not complete my degree because I was unsure of what direction I wanted to take in terms of a career path. I plan on attending Iowa State next year and want to find a way to learn more about sustainable food sources so that I may choose what I would like to study. I am leaning towards Agricultural Engineering at this point, but still feel that I have a lot to learn before I go back to school.”

Loulou’s work is starting with upgrading our use of social media platforms to increase our visibility. She’s also working at developing materials that we can use at events, and she’ll also be helping us re-institute a regular newsletter.