IFC Shopping Cart is Open!

1,100 Different Products Listed!

The online shopping cart is open. See below for info on new things, including salmon (no it’s not from Iowa). The cart closes at midnight a week from today (Sunday, Jan. 26). Distribution is Thurs., Jan. 30 at our Des Moines area sites and Friday, Jan. 31 in Ames. Note: if you have a conflict, our alternative pick up is 10:30 am to noon on Sat., Feb. 1. To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to info@iowafood.coop.


A year ago Des Moines native Tony Neal asked us if he could join and list salmon from his Alaska-based Popsie Fish Company. His request was denied. When Tony approached us again early this month, the board voted to grant a one-year variance to our Iowa-only product standard. The decision was based on four reasons: 

1. Tony is a Des Moines native and his small business produces very high quality salmon products using sustainable practices,
2. our consumer members want greater selection of unique, sustainably-produced products,
3. no fish products from Iowa are currently listed, and
4. almost all locally-available salmon is “factory” farm-raised (extremely harmful to the environment and coastal communities; click this link for more info).

In a few months we’ll ask for feedback on our decision to allow a product from outside Iowa to be sold. In the meantime, please give his products a try. He currently has four listed.

Shallots Anyone? The board recently discussed ways to make products in short supply available to IFC members. One idea is for the IFC to purchase for re-sale items that are 1) not available, 2) desirable in terms of attributes, such as certified organic, and 3) produced by small farms or businesses. We’ve made our first such purchase: certified organic shallots from Small Family CSA Farm (a 21-acre certified organic farm in SW WI). These shallots will be listed until the supply we purchased is gone.

Other new or updated items:

Sweet Treat without Wheat added Pumpkin Donuts with citrus glaze, and their donuts now come in half-dozen packs.

Grimm Family Farm added beets from last fall’s harvest that they’ve been storing in their walk-in cooler.

Huber Family Farm added inventory to their Red Lasoda potatoes (the carrots, unfortunately, are all gone).

Sunrise added dwarf-gray pea shoots (in 4.5″ pots) and live green garlic (10 plants/pot).

Special K Ranch lowered the price on their Grass-fed Texas Longhorn hamburger to $4.50 per pound.

From Matt at Holdeman ABF Poultry: “I hope the new year finds everyone well and healthy. We’ve been working on some new products that are now listed: whole smoked capon, whole smoked capon breasts, and boneless skinless breast sliced into deli meat. I have a limited number to start with, so hurry and get your orders in.” 

Daily Bread Bakery added a medium salsa that is “handmade in small batches and loaded with fresh organic and local produce.” 

Griffieon Family Farm added two new products: un-rendered lard and suet. LaVon also notes that “it is soup and stew season, so we’ve reduced the price on boiling beef.” They’ve also reduced the price on t-bone steaks and dog bones. 

Wagner Enterprises added two new items: Black Raspberry Crisp and Apple Crisp (both in 8″x8″ and 4″ pie sizes).

Fieldstone Farms added an the option of customizing their lip balm set gift baskets (perfect for a Valentine gift for your special “honey”).customized.two new items: corn polenta and buckwheat flour.

Broadhorn Farm added beef liver and beef soup bones from their Belted Galloway herd.