IFC Shopping Cart is Open – Two New Producers!

Time to go shopping!

The online shopping cart opened last night at midnight. There are over 1,000 excellent food and non-food products available from the comfort of your home computer. See below for info on two new producers, plus info on new items and some really nice promotional offers.

NOTE: The cart closes at midnight on Sunday, Jan. 5. Distribution is Thurs., Jan. 9 at our Des Moines area locations and Friday, Jan. 10 at our Ames location. Note: if you have a conflict with this schedule, our alternative pick up time from 10:30 am to noon on Sat., Jan. 12.

To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to info@iowafood.coop.

Sweet Treat without Wheat is a new IFC producer from right here in Des Moines that specializes in gluten-free products. They’ve listed three types of cookies, a “cheesecake in a jar” product, and their incredibly delicious Cinnamon Sugar Donuts. 

Iowa Choice Harvest LLC is also a new IFC producer specializing in flash-frozen fruits and vegetables processed at their new plant in Marshalltown. They’ve listed two sizes of frozen sweet corn (grown by IFC producer Griffieon Family Farm!) and frozen sliced apples. We are so happy to have these products available to our members.

From Bryan at Iowa Orchard LLC: “Due to the heavy crop of apples this season (we’ll probably have them available until June), we are giving away sample bags of 4 apples (all different varieties) to everyone that orders ANYTHING. Thanks!”

Special K Ranch has a promotion as well: buy 10 lbs of their grass-fed Texas Longhorn hamburger and get one thrown in for free.

Holdeman ABF Poultry added two new products: Capon Brats and Capon Ring Bologna with Swiss Cheese. Nice!

From Erich at Iowa Pet Adoptions: “After this cycle we’ll be increasing our prices, so this is your last chance to buy them at $4.75 per 14 oz bag. Also, we are busier than ever with other products, so we may not be selling each cycle. Thanks, and we hope you and your pets are well.”

Huber Family Farm added a limited quantity of parsnips and Lee’s Greens LLC has lettuce, spinach, and red kale listed.

Heart of Iowa Soapworks added two new items: Sage Sweetgrass & Cedar Shampoo Bar and Cold Springs (a new tallow blend soap that “lather’s like a fool”). Her Allie’s Almond & Oats and Fragrant Tresses Shampoo are also back in stock.

Early Morning Harvest added two new items: corn polenta and buckwheat flour.

Novae Vita Farm added a “Beef Bundle Plus” product from their Dexter beef herd.