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New items to add to your summer shopping list:

SWEET CORN is here from New Pioneer Farm, sold in six packs; naturally grown.

Wild Black Raspberries from Kiowa House of Herbs, who describe the wild berries as ‘luscious and sweet because of all this rain’. Perfect ice cream topping, too!
Gouda Brats w/ Frisian Farms Gouda from Timber Ridge Cattle Co.: ‘I met Mike Bandstra of Frisian Farms on the highway between Oskaloosa and Bloomfield a while back to pick up some of his special aged gouda which we combined with our Swabian Hall/Large Black pork to make this extraordinary brat.’

Sourdough bread from Gardner’s Harvest using a years’ old wild yeast starter.

Ice Cream: Strawberry Cheesecake, Rhubarb Fest, + Peanut Butter Cup are all new flavors from WW Homestead Dairy and since it’s National Ice Cream Month…

Mild Beef Sticks $2 off from Yoke S Ranch. Enjoy a perfect summer snack at $11/lb.

Tongue of Fire Beans + Mini White Cucumbers from New Family Farm: ‘The hot weather is really turning some things on here at New Family Farm! So we have listed several common items this week (like onions, cabbage, kale, green beans, summer quash) and some fun things like mini white cucumbers and tongue of fire beans.’

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes from Salama Greenhouse (formerly Northwest Greenhouse) + Lee’s Greens. Choose red and orange slicers, or a colorful mix of grape tomatoes.

Greek Oregano + Garlic Infused Olive Oil is back from Pickle Creek Herbal. You’ll want this for all the veggies + chicken you’ll be grilling! Jocelyn says they just harvested the oregano used in this oil.

Pastured, cut-up, frozen whole chickens fed non-GMO feed are back from Wild Rose Pastures, fed no hormones or antibiotics and raised on a diet of fresh grass.

Beets available from Raccoon Forks Farm, and three varieties (golden, with/without tops) from Red Barn.

Turnips are here from the Threshing Floor.

Greek Blackberry Custard Yogurt from Country View Dairy is now here; this new flavor is available in 12 packs. The taste of summer, in a yogurt!

Chicken Feet from Griffioen Family Farm. LaVon comments, ‘What can I say about chicken feet?  Use to make chicken stock, fry them or use in a favorite recipe.  If you have to put a foot in your mouth, this is the best kind!’

Leeks, candy onions, red onions, yellow onions are here from Red Barn Produce (candy onions), New Family Farm (white + yellow + red) and Certified Organic leeks + Certified Organic red onions from 7 Pines Farm.

New formula dog treats have arrived from Purrfect Muttchies–treat your pet to wholesome flavors like Bacon, Spinach, + Tomato bones.