Taste of Fall + Fresh Greens + Maple Syrup!

1,202 Different Products Listed; Taste of Fall is HERE!

So many items to celebrate the harvest–flowers, pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, and our new MAPLE SYRUP! The cooler temps have also brought us more fresh, leafy greens. A few summer favorites have stuck around–get them while you can.

Note: the online shopping cart is open and will close Sunday, Sept. 21st at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., Sept. 25th at our Des Moines area and Osceola sites and Friday Sept. 26th in Ames. To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to info@iowafood.coop. We’ve got a huge selection of really incredible products. See below for new stuff.



New items to add to your shopping list:

Great River Maple (from Garnavillo) is our newest producer. They offer 100% Iowa maple syrup from their century farm on the bluffs of the Mississippi river. Try their pure maple syrup, or treat yourself to their Maple Cream. We are very excited to welcome them to the Co-op! Shop here.

Two Amish families from Bloomfield that were Iowa Heritage Foods have separated into two different producers: Yoder’s Natural Farm and Hickory Hills Farm. Both have eggs, beef, pork, and chicken listed, and Yoder’s Natural Farm also has lamb, duck,  and ground turkey. 

Country View Dairy (from Hawkeye) has 3 lb tubs of yogurt on sale with a .50 cent discount per tub. Don’t miss out!

WW Homestead Dairy (from Waukon) has again listed salted and unsalted butter (they had been using most their cream for ice cream instead of butter). You’ll also want to buy some of their incredible cream-line milk, cheese, and ice cream products.

Rosebud Botanicals (from Afton) is offering a whole new line of products including ‘lotion-on-a-stick’ and Berry Body Batter, made with aronia berries and cocoa!

Heritage Hill Farm (from Ames) added eggplant, peppers, and baby beet bundles and New Pioneer Farm (from Carlisle) added spaghetti squash and sugar pie pumpkins.

Global Greens farmer Jacqueline Ndabazaniye  (farming in Des Moines, originally from Congo) listed butternut squash, zucchini, and dry beans–get these while they are still around!

Other Global Greens farmers with new stuff: Narad Bastola (Bhutanese pumpkins, Coosa squash, daikon radish); Bucumi Simon (arugula, mustard greens); Angelique Hakuzimana (arugula, okra, carrots); Bizimana Charles (red beets).

Salama Greenhouse (from Boone) is offering 10″ and 12″ potted mums, kale, spinach, and artisan tomatoes.

Berry Patch Farm (from Nevada) listed their famous Honeycrisp, Macoun and Lura apples.

Early Morning Harvest (from Panora) added some new pepper varieties: Red Flame, Red Rocket, Habanero, Hot Paper Lantern, Sweet Bananas, and Sweet Bell.

Iowa Orchard (from Urbandale) offers six flavors of apple cider–perfect this time of year–in addition to all of their apple varieties and baked goods.

Raccoon Forks Farm (from Redfield) listed large pasture-raised chickens and Yoke S Ranch (from Russell) has their Corriente beef brisket on sale this cycle.

Fieldstone Farms (from Clemons) added three new beeswax candles: Celebration Cake, Honeycomb Pillar, and Rustic Fern Pillar.