Shopping Cart to Close at Midnight Tonight – New Products Added!

Still Time to Shop; Volunteers Needed for Distribution!

The shopping cart will close tonight (Sunday) at midnight. There’ve been some new products added this week (see below). Also, we are a few people short on the help we need this coming Thursday for distribution, especially the morning to for checking in producers and the 4-7 shift when people pick up their orders. If you can help out (it’s fun, and there’s free products from our producers), send an email to

To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username and password, please send an email to


Lee from The Berry Patch writes: I added add field grown cucumbers and sweet corn in a half dozen and a dozen bags.  I am giving my best guess at how much sweet corn I will have ready by next thursday. I tried an ear today and it was a little young yet but very tasty.

Lorna from Wildwood Farms writes: I have added just a few eggplants (Ping Tung variety, which are long, slender Japanese-type eggplants) and Pepperoncini peppers (small, mild pickling type pepper which can also be used on salads and in sandwiches).

Valley View has added boneless skinless chicken breasts, and Iowa Heritage Foods has added beef short ribs, cube steak, beef arm roast, and beef brisket.

Denise from Two Rivers Honey writes: I’ve added a few new products to my listing – 32 oz. glass jar of Wildflower honey and a natural wood finish/treatment (perfect for cutting boards as it’s all natural ingredients are food grade, and if it’s a slide-out board it will slide much easier! Made with our beeswax, walnut oil, and a touch of Vitamin E as a preservative).

Jeff from Early Morning Harvest writes: We added Buckwheat cereal and flour.  The Buckwheat cereal, which comes in two sizes, has the consistency of grits or “cream of wheat”. The Buckwheat Whole Dark Flour is made from unhulled buckwheat and is an excellent natural source of fiber. It is a great product if you are in the mood for hearty buckwheat pancakes.