Shopping Cart Closes at Midnight Tonight!

Still Time to Shop!

The shopping cart will close tonight (Sunday) at midnight. There’ve been some new products added (see below) to bring the total offerngs to just over 900 different items.

Also, we are a few people short on the help we need this coming Thursday for the 4-7 shift when people pick up their orders. If you can help (it’s fun, and there’s free products from our producers), send an email to

To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username and password, please send an email to

The Homestead added Japanese and Italian Eggplant (ready for the oven in Eggplant Parmesaen, the grill for a roasted eggplant, or with Reichert’s Dairy Air Chevre for a tasty salad).

Wildwood Farms added “Black Cherry” Tomatoes (dark purple cherry tomatoes, very sweet and mild).

SalAmander Farms added heirlooom red onions (Russian variety Danilovskiy 301) and heirloom yellow onions (Australian Brown, Ailsa Craig or Strighovskiy), both from seed grown on their farm.

From Becca of Crooked Gap Farm: We just got back from the Downtown Market and have added to sold out inventories, plus a few new products: # 2501 Jowl Bacon; # 1692 Bacon; # 1693 Cottage Bacon; # 3215 Cottage Bacon: Thick Cut. Also, if you order, you can get a free sample of rendered leaf lard with each product ordered. Just add product # 1708 (Free Leaf Lard Sample) to your cart to indicate you would like the sample.