Shopping Cycle Changed: New Cart Open and Close Times!

After careful thought, we decided to shift the shopping cycle¬†by a day. This means the cart will open tomorrow¬†(Monday) at midnight rather than tonight.¬†It’ll stay open until midnight on Sunday, July 22nd. Distribution will stay the same, meaning it will¬†happen on Thursday, July 26th.

There are three reasons for this shift:

1) it gives producers another day to get ready (ie changing inventories, adding products, etc.) for when the cart opens. This is really helpful for producers who participate in Saturday farmers markets, which are very time consuming. Changing the cart opening time from Sunday at midnight to Monday at midnight means they can relax a bit more on Sunday.

2) it gives producers another day at the end of the shopping cycle to add fresh fruits vegetables, getting one day closer to distribution can help them better anticipate how much product they will have available;

3) it gives consumers one more weekend day (Sunday) for them to buy, which (given how Saturdays tend to be busy) we hope will lead to more shopping.