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Time to stock up for summer grilling—from hamburger patties (don’t forget the buns – Threshing Floor is back) to rabbit bratwurst (yes, rabbit bratwurst!).

These two week shopping cycles come and go quickly! Be sure to watch for new products that are added throughout the week—especially produce items. Our 2015 calendar is available in a PDF (click to view), and you can click here to see new products added since last cycle!

To shop go to and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to The online cart will close Sunday, May 17th at midnight. Distribution is Thurs., May 21st at all our sites except Ames, which is on Friday May 22nd. If you can’t make these times, our alternative pick-up is Saturday, May 23rd from 10:30 am to noon at our Franklin Avenue sit.


New items + specials:

Our Global Greens growers (refugee farmers who started with us last year) are starting to list again. Bizimana Charles (Burundi) listed two kinds of radishes and Bucumi Simon/Mariselina Manirakiza (Burundi) listed radishes and several fresh greens (Red Russian Baby Leaf Kale, Spinach, and a Greens Mix).

Special K Ranch (Chariton) has a buy 5 get one free special on Texas Longhorn grass fed beef sticks.

Lucky George Farm (Derby) added rabbit bratwurst and several sausages from their heritage Large Black hogs including American maple sausage (with real maple syrup + honey), English style sausages, and Thuringer (a cooked ready-to-eat pork summer sausage).

Threshing Floor (Dallas Center) is back after taking off a few cycles to care for parents. Becky writes: “Hello Spring! Welcome Summer! How about some homemade hamburger or hot dog buns (either white or whole wheat)? Or cinnamon and cinnamon/raisin white or whole wheat bread for your morning toast? Thanks for your patience; it’s good to be back baking again!”

New Family Farm (Elkhart) added Red Butterhead lettuce (to go along with a wide selection of transplants).

Raccoon Forks Farm (Redfield) added spring garlic (to go along with their eggs and stewing chickens).

Heritage Hill Farm (Ames) added fresh thyme, green garlic, and chive blossoms (delicious in salads or egg dishes, or as a garnish).

SalAmander Farms (Bondurant) listed fresh herbs (including basil, green garlic, parsley) along with swiss chard.

From Lee’s Greens (Nevada): “We have a nice selection of tomato transplants along with cucumber and zucchini transplants, we also have potted herbs/mints and red/black raspberry plants, cut micro greens & rhubarb, and wheat grass for juicing and wheat, rye, oats for pets and animals.”

Good Shepherd Grass Farms (Monroe) added inventory to their ribeye steaks, NY strip steaks, and filets (just in time for weekend cookouts).

Sunrise (Woodward) added Job’s Tears live plants—corn type plants that produce beads perfect for stringing. Homegrown jewelry! Check out their stock of stinging nettles + wheatgrass as well.

Yoke S Ranch (Russell) has a timely sale on their Corriente hamburger patties, this cycle only!