IFC Cart is Open – Got Milk? We Do!

1,159 Different Products Listed!


The online shopping opened last night at midnight. It’ll close on Sunday, May 18, at midnight with distribution on Thurs., May 22, at our Des Moines area and Osceola sites and Friday, May 23 in Ames. If you have a conflict, our alternative pickup is 10:30 am to noon on Sat., May 24 at our new Franklin Plaza location.

Yes, we have new home. The address is 4944 Franklin Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50310 (click here for a blog post that includes a link to a map). We will no longer have a Merle Hay Mall site, so if you usually pick up at the mall, you’ll need to choose a new location when you open your shopping cart. To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to info@iowafood.coop.

We’ve got a huge selection of really incredible products, including for the first time MILK (so many reasons to be excited)! See below for new stuff.


WW Homestead Dairy (from Waukon) added milk. This is their message about the products: “We’ve added our whole, 1%, skim & skim chocolate milk in 1/2 gallons & gallons. Our milk is antibiotic & hormone free. It is pasteurized, but it is not homogenized. Homogenization is when the fat globules in milk are forced through a screen, breaking them up into smaller particles and evenly distributing them in the milk. We believe this is an unnecessary step and our milk is cream-line, meaning the cream rises to the top and you have to shake it yourself to mix it up!”

Beaver Creek Collections
(from Guthrie Center) is a new IFC producer. A “Mother-Daughter team with generations of background in farming and gardening”, they’ve listed Cheery Belle Radishes, Rhubarb, Loose Leaf Lettuce, and Spinach.

Pickle Creek Herbal (from Brighton): “We have a whole new wave of seedlings ready to go, which means many of the heirloom tomato, pepper, eggplant, and herb varieties that sold out last cycle are back in stock. Also, we have several more basil varieties available, and we’ve listed new herbs as well as some brand new hot peppers. Thanks! Jocelyn (the Pickle Creek Girl)” 

7 Pines Farm (from Maxwell) added eight new tomato transplant varieties (Beefsteak, Black Cherry, Blondkopfchen Cherry, Chadwick Cherry, Golden Nugget Cherry, Hillbilly Potato Leaf, Kellogg’s Breakfast, Snow White Cherry) to go along with their dip mixes, salsas, compound butters, and cream cheese spreads.From Lee’s Greens (from Nevada): “We have added lots of transplants (mainly tomatoes). We also have herbs, rhubarb, purple and white bicolor petunia hanging baskets, lettuce mix, swiss chard, and mixed turnips.”

SalAmander Farm (from Bondurant) added asparagus, rhubarb, and basil plants, and Panther Creek Asparagus (from Minburn) also added asparagus.

Broadhorn Farm (from Truro) has two beef products from their Belted Galloway herd on sale: Short Ribs (regularly $6.78/lb, now $5.59) and Round Steak (regularly $9.23/package, now $8.88). Julie writes: “We loved talking to our customers at the Downtown Des Moines Farmers Market last weekend and we’ll be there again on May 24th!!! Come out for a visit and pick up a Broadhorn Farm T-Shirt.”

Yoke S Ranch (from Russell) has their Corriente beef brisket on sale for $5.00/lb.

The Threshing Floor has unlisted their baked goods because of well-deserved vacation. They plan to relist the 2nd cycle of June.