IFC Shopping Cart is Open – Get Your Baby Chicks Now!

Time to Shop!


The shopping cart is open. It’ll close at midnight on Sunday, June 9th. Delivery is Thurs., June 13th at our Des Moines area locations and Friday, June 14th at our Ames location. See below for updates on new stuff.

To shop go to https://iowafood.coop and log in. If you need help with your username or password, send an email to info@iowafood.coop.

Also, LaVentosa Ranch is looking for homes for some extra baby chicks they got on Sunday. They are Araucana/American Bantam. Full grown they weigh 1.5#, which makes them great for small yards and first-time chicken farmers. They lay a bluish-green egg, for which they are treasured. The chicks are both male and female, and they’ll have many different color and feather patterns. Normally they cost $3.99 each plus shipping (with a minimum order of 15). Carrie will sell them for $1 each, but you’ll need to pick them up at her farm (near Marshalltown). She has 65 extra. If interested, call Carrie at 641-485-2251.

More fresh produce is becoming available. Here are some new products this cycle. (NOTE: growers sometimes add inventory late in the order period, so check back if something is sold out.)

  • Steak n’ Eggs Farm added collards, kale, red and white radish, and spinach. They also have lettuce and green onions listed.
  • From Lee at Berry Patch Farm: “We have fresh greenhouse tomatoes, zucchini, and summer squash along with potted chives, curled parsley, strawberry hanging baskets, and pink lemonade blueberry plants.”
  • SalAmander Farms added two new fresh herbs (sage and cilantro) to go along with several other types plus a wide selection of lamb meats.
  • Pickle Creek Herbal added several varieties of hot pepper seedlings to go along with their heirloom tomato and eggplant transplants. They also have an incredible selection of herb seedlings (as well as some amazing oils and soaps). Jocelyn writes: “Our herb seedling availability changes from week-to-week as we start seedlings every couple of weeks. So, if a particular herb isn’t available this cycle, it may very well be next time.

Threshing Floor and Gardner’s Harvest are taking this cycle off, but Valley View Poultry is back (they’ll participate the first cycle each month through October).

Paula from Twin Girls Gardens writes: “We’ve added a new jam – blueberry lime – a sweet specialty jam made with blueberries and limes.”

Des Moines Bacon Company added a new product – Hardwood Smoked Cured Bacon. It’s the bacon that won the 2013 Baconfest Grand Champion award.

Yoke S Ranch has hamburger from their Corriente beef herd on sale: $40/ten lb package (regularly $45) and single package price is $4.25 (regularly $4.75). Rick writes: “We are almost done calving, but this wet weather really set up back as far as hay baling. Everything is growing, but we can’t get in to harvest it. Oh well, that is life on the farm, I guess.”

Broadhorn Farm has several products from their Belted Galloway beef herd on sale: 20 lb ground beef bundle is $88 (regularly $100, only five available); Rolled Rump Roast is $4.45/lb (regularly $5.50); Stew Meat is $4.50/package (regularly $5.99).

Heart of Iowa Soapworks has a new product: Iris Soap (a nice light floral scent that smells just like a beautiful Iris flower. Back in stock are Gorgeous Gams Ladies Shaving soap, Pine Tar shampoo, and Allie’s Almond & Oats soap.